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Getting to Net Positive:

A New Approach to Extractive Development


For local communities to see sustained positive outcomes from mining and oil and gas projects, stakeholders must collectively adapt the approach to extractive development.


Based on more than 150 dialogue-based interviews with communities, companies, governments and civil society organizations, we have developed a framework that outlines the five elements this approach should consider. 

You can download the full report here and you can learn more about how we developed the Framework here.  



The elements can’t stand alone. They are mutually reinforcing and need to be adopted and advanced in tandem in order to deliver better social outcomes.


The elements are globally applicable. While the implementation of the elements will look different in every jurisdiction and in every community, the fundamentals are the same.


Collective action by all stakeholders is imperative. Each stakeholder group can play a role in defining and achieving a new approach to extractive development through their application of these five elements.

Incremental change by individuals and organisations must be the first step. Small changes in practice, mindset, or approach can have a very meaningful impact as highlighted in the experiences shared by research participants.

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