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All of our research is grounded in the Getting to Net Positive Framework


Topic-based Research 

We do collaborative research on specific topics that are aligned with the five elements of the Getting to Net Positive Framework. This research process is not specific to one mine or oil and gas project, but looks to extractive development broadly. We use the NetPositive assessment tool to facilitate a collaborative research process with experts from different stakeholder groups.


Our intention is not to re-invent the wheel, but to build off established practice and information. We also complete desktop research; reviewing case studies, academic papers, speaking with  traditional knowledge keepers and other literature.  The outcomes from this research inform NetPositive’s regional projects and global activities to share knowledge (e.g. workshops, conferences, etc.).


Valuing Social Factors is one of our Topic-Based Research projects. You can learn more here


Regional Research   

We do collaborative research in resource-rich areas to understand how a specific extractive development (or numerous developments in a region) contributes to sustained positive outcomes for local communities. To do that we assess how the five elements are realized in a specific area.


We work with companies, communities, local government, and civil society in the region to complete a collaborative assessment which brings stakeholders together, through dialogue-based processes and workshops, to understand what is working and what isn’t. NetPositive delivers public reports of the findings and supports the creation of an action plan validated by local stakeholders.


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