All of our research is grounded in the Getting to Net Positive Framework


Valuing Social Factors 

The project valuations process that is used to value extractive assets is an example of a system that has a significant impact on social outcomes.


The Valuing Social Factors project looks at how companies, lenders and communities are considering social factors when valuing mining assets.


Systematically integrating social factors into project valuations will have two outcomes:


  1. Programs to manage social factors will be properly resourced and implemented; and

  2. Investment decisions will be based on a rigorous understanding of how social factors can influence an asset's valuation. 


This, in turn, will increase the likelihood that local communities will see sustained positive outcomes from extractive development.


We are currently interviewing the various stakeholders that work with project valuations to understand the current practice and share ideas for improvement. We are interviewing valuations experts, ESG experts and social performance practitioners, equity investors, project lenders, and community leaders responsible for negotiating and managing financial benefits.


We are also interviewing the various organizations that support these groups, including ratings agencies,  accounting firms, and shareholder advocacy organisations


If you are interested in participating in this research project please do get in touch.